Pure Alchemy Philosophy

Here at Pure Alchemy, our philosophy is to provide the utmost care to each client in order to facilitate the conditions which allow the body to heal I tself naturally. Nature is a powerful force when used wisely, and can be harnessed appropriately to assist us. Our clinic was inspired with this in mind, offering a relaxing and comfortable space.



Anissa - founder of Pure Alchemy, Acupuncture in Cronulla

Hi, I’m Anissa…

I am all about life, and how we can live as well as we can on this earth!

I’ve always had a passion for natural health, after all, why not make use of its abundant resources.

When I’m not at my acupuncture clinic in Cronulla, you’ll find me practising my Qigong, meditating, hiking in the wilderness or wild swimming. I also love spending time with a good book or enjoying hearty soul food with good company.

My life hasn’t always been this balanced, in fact I started off working for large banks, telecommunications and was even a sub-contractor for the defence. I wasn’t unhappy, but, I wasn’t thriving.

Since changing careers I feel my work is now more in line with my beliefs, and because of that, it is a pleasure to do what I do each day.

It’s been a huge change and a huge adventure. I am grateful for each and every phase of my life, as it has refined and fortified who I am.

Every day, I am grateful the adventure continues…


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

— Albert Einstein