Cronulla Acupuncture Clinic

Pure Alchemy’s Cronulla acupuncture clinic offers a full range of traditional Chinese healing modalities for a broad range of ailments and conditions. Anissa’s treatments also include women’s health and fertility acupuncture.

Our Cronulla Acupuncture rooms are in the mall. There’s plenty of parking, easy access and a serene ambience. As well as treating various specific ailments and conditions, Anissa also helps her patients to maintain excellent health, using Traditional Chinese Medicine and health management planning.

Seasonal “tune ups”: a great way to maintain optimum health

Anissa knows her role as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner is not just to be there when patients experience ill health but also to help assist the community to stay in or maintain good health. Anissa advises regular or seasonal visits to ensure that your body can remain balanced and harmonious.

Standing the test of time

For thousands of years Chinese physicians have understood that our bodies, like everything else, exist on several energetic levels. Although we can only regularly perceive our presence on a gross physical level, there are a range of subtler energetic levels which also comprise our minds and bodies. Some of these are channelled through “meridians”, or energy lines in our body. The flow of this energy, also called Qi (Chi), is entwined with the health of our various organs, all of which make up the system which we call “our body”. When the flow of energy in these meridians is blocked or disturbed, we will begin to experience health issues. Acupuncture is one of the precision tools which Chinese doctors have devised which helps to remove blockages and disturbances in the flow of our Qi, restoring harmony and health to our bodies.

Acupuncture treatments employ the use of fine, single use sterile needles which are inserted into specific points along the meridians or paths of energy in the body. Sometimes Ashi points (points of pain) are used. Stimulating these points clears energy blockages, and normalises the flow of Qi through the body.

On grosser levels, Acupuncture needles stimulate the local area of insertion to enhance blood flow, which may help aches and pains. The needles also stimulate our nervous system to send messages to the brain to create natural endorphins or pain killers. Acupuncture therefore has had a very successful role in pain management and in injury recovery.

In reality, Acupuncture is a complete medicine unto itself, being used to treat all sorts of symptoms from the common cold to diabetes, sluggish metabolisms, infertility, gynaecology issues, migraine, high blood pressure to name just a few ailments and conditions.