how to treat shingles holistically

How to Treat Shingles Holistically

Let’s talk about Shingles and how you can treat the symptoms both pre and post holistically for a speedy recovery.

A month ago, I sat down with Sydney-based lifestyle writer Rebecca, the founder of My Life Journal, and we chatted about her experience with Shingles and how to manage it holistically, both pre and post illness.

Rebecca shared with us her story of how she discovered she had it, and how she treated and managed it, right before the lockdown happened across Sydney and parts of NSW. Which was a tad challenging.

From there, I then spoke about some of the known facts and science of Shingles and ways you can create yourself holistically both pre and post illness, so help you heal faster from the virus, and try to prevent it from coming back as well.

You can watch the video here on her Instagram:

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