Why head down is preferable for thirty two to thirty six weeks pregnancy.

When Should The Babies Head Be Down in Prep for Birthing?

Why your babies head needs to be down for thirty two to thirty six weeks in pregnancy.

Ideally, it is nice if baby flips head down anywhere between 32 – 36 weeks, although the exact timing is different for every woman. The reason this is preferable is so that the baby can start to engage and start to soften the cervix. 
A baby should be at its maximum height at roughly 36 weeks.

As it descends, the cervix becomes thinner allowing it to stretch naturally. Positioning is crucial at this point and helps the baby to descend.

The head-down and occipito-anterior positions are the safest for both the mother and the baby to ensure smooth childbirth as it is the most natural position, and comes with the least complications. If you have already had a vaginal birth, the baby may not engage, and you may go into labour spontaneously.

If by 36 weeks, you are still breech you may be offered a technique called the ECV (External Cephalic Version), which is manual technique to turn the baby. Success rates for this technique vary depending on how breeched the baby is.

If your baby hasn’t turned by 39 weeks, most likely you will need a C-section, as breech births poses many risk

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