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This is Why I Became a Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Want to know why I became Chinese Medicine Practitioner – Read on to learn the reason and how it may help you too.

I look at this photo of myself, a woman in her late 40’s and think “What a journey I’ve been on!” Many of you know me as Anissa the Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner who owns a clinic in Cronulla, but how I got here has been quite a drawn out process.

Rewinding the theatre of my life to my early 20’s, I was earning ridiculous amounts of money in England, working for a large Bank as a contractor. I earned a lot of money and I was spending a lot of money. The year was 1999.

My life prior to living in England was pretty normal. I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, close to bushland. I climbed trees, rode bikes, and had a pet dog and cat. I went to a private school, and I had a brother and sister. My father, who was a Doctor, had a surgery and my mother was a small business owner.

As I reached my teenage years, I became riddled with a lot of sub-health issues. My digestive system was troublesome, and my menstrual cycles were a constant torment to me.

Whilst I was surviving I just didn’t feel like I was thriving. I was just going from A to B.

By the time was working in my first job, I had become good at looking like I was surviving, but really, I struggled daily.

One day, I was walking out for a lunch break from work, and I found the effort of walking to lunch just a bit too hard. I knew something was wrong. I felt devoid of life.

It just so happened that where I was working, had a real alternative kind of feel. I started seeing a couple of alternative medicine practitioners, and I saw some results in my energy levels and my feeling of well being.

Fast forward back to England 1999. I’m in my highly paid corporate career. I should be the envy of young upwardly mobile career minded people. I am well paid, I am travelling around the world, I have a strong resume of experience, but somehow I was unhappy. I thought, how can I justify earning this amount of money, with no purpose?

I stopped and I made a promise to myself, that I was only going to work in this career until I saved enough money to put me through a degree in natural medicine. But which one? I liked all that I had experienced!

Thinking back to my early 20’s when I brought home the dried funny smelling herbs wrapped in paper packages, which I boiled, and drank. I also think back to the times when I was highly stressed at work and then received a bit of acupuncture.

The thought of becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner made me feel nervous and excited.

Now I have a daughter, and my own peaceful and welcoming clinic. It is 80sqm in size. A far cry from working in a skyscraper, with its space age elevators and men and women in preened black suits, all on their mobile phones. My life is simple, but I am happy, and thankfully feel much healthier than I did in my youth.

Anissa Au

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I am all about life, and how we can live as well as we can on this earth! I’ve always had a passion for natural health, after all, why not make use of its abundant resources. When I’m not at my acupuncture clinic in Cronulla, you’ll find me practising my Qigong, meditating, hiking in the wilderness or wild swimming. I also love spending time with a good book or enjoying hearty soul food with good company.
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