Healing has its roots in Shamanism, and Chinese Medicine is also no different. Many of the original healers of China were Shamans, and fundamental to their understanding of life was how to live in accordance to the universal flow.

Energy is everywhere, and increasingly, quantum physics is validating this. Fundamentally as human beings, we too are condensed pure potential. As condensed energy we have the ability to change it.

Acupuncture theory is based completely on regulating energy flow within the body. Tai chi and qigong are energetic arts with the focus on learning to enhance, build, focus and regulate qi. These arts have been and still are used extensively to improve health and extend life.

It is entirely possible and many people sense energy. Using our mind and intent, we are able to manipulate it, build it, regulate it and purge it.

Energetic healings may be called shamanism, attunements or by many other names. In a healthy individual, energy flows freely and abundantly. Through the stresses of life, poor health habits, physical trauma, and belief systems, our energy may become stagnant or stuck, depleted or blocked.

When we are out of balance, it is harder for our Spirit, which is the great driver of our physical body to feel connected to life. A lack of connection, and imbalance is the root of many illnesses.

An energy healer's role is to perceive these abnormalities, and to rectify them. Not only do they work on the energetic (qi) level, but they can also work through pure spirit. This can be done through raising the vibrations such that the person wishing to be healed may access their own source.

At Pure Alchemy Healing Arts, we are happy to announce Energetic Healings to our existing modalities.

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