Have You Heard Of Mugwort?

Mugwort is not just reserved for the witches and wizards of Hogwarts, it has amazing healing benefits for even us muggles.

There is something quite alluring about the burning of mugwort in healing.

My first exposure to this mystical herb was in the smoke-filled rooms of a practitioners clinic who was doing moxabustion. 

The moment I inhaled the earthy smoke, I felt like I had come home, that it had opened a very primal part of myself, and that I had found my calling.

Moxabustion is the burning of mugwort primarily on top of a needle, or over a certain area of the body.

The act of doing this warms the acupuncture points and channels, to stimulate qi movement and to eliminate cold. Quite often it is used with pain, or with women’s health issues, although not exclusively.

Mugwort or Artemis vulgaris, is a herb that has a history of being in the domains of magic and herbal folklore.

Revered for its ability to connect the adept with the spirit world and to protect and banish negative energy, it has a strong association with witchcraft.

Named after the Greek Goddess Artemis, mugwort is often associated with women, the lunar cycle, children and childbirth.

In Chinese medicine, mugwort is often used to regulate menstruation, to stop bleeding and to assist with pain.

Mugwort may be burned as in moxabustion, or it can also be taken internally as medicine. If you decide to take it internally, speak to a licensed herbalist before doing so.

Like all medicines and herbs, you need to know the nature of this medicine.

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