what the heart means for Chinese medicine

The Heart in Chinese Medicine

What does the heart represent in Chinese medicine?

The heart in Chinese medicine is the real intelligence that is beyond duality. Having a balanced heart, means being at peace with yourself and with others. 

This does not mean that you do not have challenges, obstacles and obstructions. Nor does it mean that we blissfully become homogeneous.  

In actual fact, challenges serve to find our passions, our beliefs, and our true nature. When the heart is grounded, it guides us to our highest potential, or aspiration. 

 The heart expresses itself as our personality. It is our uniqueness and our expression in this life. Those who are in touch with their heart may be seen as spirited, or with life. 

The Spirit in Chinese Medicine is housed in the heart. In fact every night the spirit takes up residence in the heart. This provides for a restful sleep. Sleep issues are often associated with a dysfunction of the heart system in Chinese medicine. That is why dreams are often ways that the Heart uses to process events that may be occurring in your life.

So in these turbulent and uncertain times, how can we honor and nourish our hearts?

The key to the Heart is that when it is developed, it rises above duality.  Whether it is “Right and wrong”, “You verses Me”,  “Republican or Democrat”.  

Liberating yourself from duality allows space for calmness and clarity. Being at the throws of distraction and our emotions taxes our heart, and clouds the mind.

Here are some tips to nurture the Heart

  1. Get Quality Sleep – The Spirit retreats to the heart at night to process and be nourished. Poor sleep habits seriously deplete the hearts’ resilience.
  2. Meditate – The heart encompasses the Spirit, but is closely associated with the mind in Chinese Medicine. Mind disciplines such as mediation assist to regulate and calm the Heart(Mind).
  3. Nourish your Heart through eating well- The colour red is associated with the heart, and as it implies, the heart is associated with circulation. Eating red foods is considered to foster Heart qi, as well as foods which encourage circulation such as warming spices.
  4. Find your Passion – finding your passion means understanding and honoring yourself! Further, when you operate from your passions, you are less likely to be operating from duality.
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