how emotions can affect your menstrual cycle

How Unregulated Emotions Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle

When woman undergo a lot of stress, did you know they can then loses their menstrual cycle through unregulated emotions?

There is a very important link between our state of mind and how the qi and blood moves through the body. Especially for a woman going through their menstrual cycle.

When we undergo extremes of different emotions, this has a direct effect on the way the qi and blood moves through our body. Anger and frustration makes qi rise, fear makes the qi sink, sadness consumes qi.

If these emotions are not processed properly they cause pathogenic problems. Qi and blood knots, and fails to flow smoothly. Blockages in the flow of qi and blood are the primary cause of PMS and period pain in a woman who is menstruating.

As the Liver is the organ associated with regulating the flow of qi, and storing the blood, it plays an important role in the treatment of period pain. Treatment of this condition often involves breaking up blood stasis and activating the qi to create good flow.

Further, according to Chinese medicine, there is a direct connection between the heart and the uterus through a meridian called the “Bao Mai”. The bao mai is translated to the “Uterus Vessel” and is very sensitive to the emotional stress and anxiety.

When we experience extremes of emotions, it may affect the heart and the receptivity of the Uterus. 

So it is obvious then that regulation of our emotional state plays an important role to menstrual health. 

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