how to beat feeling cold

Fight Being Cold by Lighting the Internal Fire

How to fight back the feelings of being constantly cold, by lighting the internal fire within.

In Chinese culture, it is not uncommon for mothers and grandmothers to fuss, often excessively about protecting oneself from the element of “Cold”.

Cold is considered one of the 6 pathogenic factors which invade the body and cause all sorts of maladies. The others being Fire, Damp, Wind, Summer Heat and Dryness.

When Cold pathogen invades our bodies, it causes a slowing or stagnation of qi and blood circulation. Qi and blood circulation is required for all activities of the body, to keep the organs going and to nourish all aspects internally.
Long-term obstructions can lead to pain, numbness, and circulatory issues amongst other things.

How Do I Know If I Have Internal Cold?

Most importantly, ask yourself if you are cold all the time, even on a warm day? Are your hands and feet always cold? Do you prefer warm foods? Do you have pain in your body which is better with application of warmth to that area? Are you frequently tired or unmotivated? These suggest there might be internal cold.

What to Do?

If you suspect you have internal cold, here’s some things you can try:

  1. Rug up and protect yourself from the elements – protect your inner cauldron from being extinguished! Keep it warm by wearing appropriate clothing. There are techniques that assist you to withstand extreme cold, but first you need to protect what you have.
  2. Avoid raw food – the nature of raw food is cold by nature. No need to add more cold into your body. 
  3. Warming spices – try cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg and cloves. There is no wonder why these herbs are often used in Winter.
  4. Try qigong – this is a form of chinese breath, mind and energy training which assists to build qi (energy). Yang qi disperse the Cold energy and improves blood flow and energy.

If you are still unsure, speak to a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner. They should be able to diagnose you relatively quickly and help you to seek balance.

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