Pure Alchemy Philosophy

Here at Pure Alchemy, our philosophy is to provide the utmost care to each client in order to facilitate the conditions which allow the body to heal I tself naturally. Nature is a powerful force when used wisely, and can be harnessed appropriately to assist us. Our clinic was inspired with this in mind, offering a relaxing and comfortable space.

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Meet Anissa

Anissa’s introduction to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine came as a result of constant sub-health issues that she experienced throughout her youth and early 20’s. Plagued by low energy, frequent bouts of cold and flu, and hormonal issues, she sought the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Inspired by he new-found health, she made a decision to study Chinese Medicine, graduating in 2007.

Because of her own struggles, Anissa has a special interest in working with reproductive health, women’s issues, digestive disorders, and emotional wellbeing.

Anissa firmly believes that the mind and body are powerful tools when given the correct environment or training. Through integrating different aspects of ourselves, we provide the ideal environment for whole body healing.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein