a discussion about period pain

Are We As Women Cursed to Have a Painful Period?

Some religious belief systems imply that it is a punishment for Original Sin. Many others believe that it is an in-balance of your period.

Pain is an indicator that something is not right in the body, especially when you have your period. However, pain is common throughout the world, leading most to believe, it is just being part of a woman.

When a river is suddenly blocked; like a boulder falling in the river, the movement of water becomes erratic, the flow is disrupted and pressure builds up behind the blockage. This imagery is not too dissimilar from what happens to the qi and blood in the body.

Each month a set of complex endocrine functions, which are the foundations of our monthly cycles, tests the qi and blood irrigation systems of our bodies. If they are under-functioning or clogged from toxic waste accumulation, we can experience pain.

Our lifestyles greatly affect how the qi and blood circulates through our bodies. How we eat, sleep, our state of mind, and how we exercise all moderate hormone expression and inflammation markers in our body.

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