how to practice self love

How to Practice a Little Self Love

We should be practicing self love every day as a way of hurting our mind and our body.

To be truly happy we seek our sense of place in this world. We need to feel like we are acknowledged, and valuable. Our opinions should count. But if we don’t practice a little self love each day, these ideals can be difficult to achieve.

How we perceive ourselves within the framework of our society has a strong impact on our wellbeing. Too often, we play the roles imposed on us by culture, education, gender, and society.  This leaves us feeling devoid, like we are fulfilling our roles but not being fed.

In order for us to feel like we re contributing members to our society, we need to find our Passion. But how does one find that, and how do we find that without severely creating traumatic experiences in our own lives.

The importance of doing “Nothing”

When we are really still, there is an amazing thing that starts to happen. We start to slow down and observe our thought patterns. When we observe our thought patterns, we start be proactive in correcting dysfunctional thoughts and incorrect thinking.

By eliminating those thoughts which don’t serve, we get closer to our true nature. And by getting closer to our true nature, we know better who we are. It’s amazing how much clutter exists in our minds.

 Knowing yourself in loving yourself

Who better to have an intimate relationship with other than yourself.? By acknowledging who you truly are, and acting in accordance with your true needs and requirements, you are learning to love and honour yourself. Only then can express that towards another.

Loving others as an extension of loving oneself

Without self-love, we can only project what we think is love onto someone.  If you want to know “true love”, then find it in yourself, and let that be the guiding force in you romantic endeavours.

Without self love, we project what we think is love onto others, and too often with unwanted ramifications.

Pure Alchemy TCM wishes everyone, whether single or in a relationship a love-filled 2020… for Valentine’s Day and beyond!

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