How the 28 Day Cycle of the Moon Can Affect Your Cycle

How the 28 Day Cycle of the Moon Can Affect Your Cycle

Learn how the the 28 day cycle of the moon can affect you and your cycle in life.

A normal period should be around 28 days apart with a range of 2 days on either side. Interestingly, the moon cycles are roughly 28 days apart. Women are Yin by nature according to Chinese medicine and thus have an affinity to the Moon. This means you should start learning how you and the moon can affect your cycle.

Our cycles, hormones, emotions, and energy are influenced by the phases of the Moon. Many people in the modern world would call this hocus pocus, but you only need to look at the natural world to see that this is a powerful force.

In the ocean, entire coral reefs simultaneously spawn once a year on cues from the lunar cycle and water temperature. Tides are at their highest during a new moon and a full moon. Like it or not, our closet planetary body is a force of nature that we can not escape from.

In women, it affects their reproductive systems as the energy moves up and down the body, therefore influencing their menses, ovulation, and time of birthing.

Unfortunately, most women are out of sync with their hormones and cycles, from conditions such as artificial lighting, irregular sleep, drugs and medications, artificial electrical fields, and hormone disruptors, which are in our foods and environment. Women’s cycles quite often no longer reflect the natural world.

Like it or not, trying to outsmart nature is like paddling upstream in a canoe. You may feel as though you are making some progress, but eventually, it tires you and consumes you to do so.

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