How to Boost Your Kidney Health

How to Boost The Health of Your Kidneys Naturally

Why the Kidneys are so important for fertility according to Chinese Medicine.

Roughly speaking, the Kidneys are like the body’s reserve of innate capacity. It may be likened to a battery which holds potential, except that it holds vital essence in the human body. 

The kidney’s in Chinese medicine provide for the energy to run the other organs. Essence is converted to qi, which is used by our organs to function. Kidney Yang provides the warming principle to the body, whereas Kidney Yin provides the moistening and cooling principle. 

The kidney’s govern our genetic makeup, growth and development, and is responsible for reproduction. The quality of egg follicles is governed by the quality of kidney jing (essence). 

As it governs development, and reproduction, the kidney’s play a paramount role in the menstruation, and fertility issues. Without good kidney energy, it is difficult to conceive.

Here’s how you can build up your kidney strength, for healthier and happier kidneys – the natural way:

  1. Ensure  you are getting enough rest:
    Chronic usage of mental, emotional and physical energy deplete your kidney energies, so quality downtime is a must.
  2. Eat appropriately:
    Eating well gives you the vital nutrients to build your kidney energy. 
  3. Breathing Exercises:
    Not only is proper breathing good for relaxation, it is also vital to combine with the nutrients from digestion, to create Qi. Having an abundance of Qi makes it less likely for energy to be drawn from our kidneys.
  4. Reducing Stress:
    Chronic stress makes us run on our adrenals, which is highly corrosive to the body, and very taxing to the kidneys. 
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