life lessons for the new year

Life Lessons for the New Year

Getting my hands dirty in the new year, learning new life lessons.

Where have we gone as a civilisation where we no longer have the right skills or life lessons, which our grandparents had to provide food for our tables?

As a society, we associate food with “supermarkets” and no longer know the valuable information needed to grow and sustain our food source. 

Being so dependent on large food corporations has its disadvantages. As a society, we are now fully dependent on the system, on multinationals, on government, and on supply chains. 

Recently, I had the chance to get back to basics and assist a friend with weeding, mulching and replanting a vege patch. The simple act of getting my hands (knees, feet etc) dirty gave me much simple pleasure. Not only was the act of “getting back to nature” quite therapeutic, it allowed me to break away from the addiction of social media, tv, and endless mind numbing information.

I also learned important life skills:

There is an old chinese adage that says, that “the foolish dig wells when they are thirsty”. Having a vege patch is one of the first steps you can do to ensure your own food supply, to learn important life skills, to be involved in your own understanding of “Earth to table” concept. It is a wonderful way to pass time with loved ones, and to share with the up and coming generations.

If you are new to growing your own foods, you may be surprised to find out that you don’t actually need that much space! A well maintained meter by meter planter box will bear the fruits of your labour quite well to begin with. 

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