a letter from the founder

Letter from the Founder: Anissa

An Invitation to step into your power! A letter from Anissa, the founder of Pure Alchemy.

Dear fellow Earth walkers,

Now is the time to step into your power. Our world has conjoined to create the perfect time for a transmutation to occur. We are blessed to live in a time where we are given the opportunity to grow, to question, and expand. 

It is under great pressure that a diamond is formed. We too as a civilization are under that pressure, and as powerful beings, the test is now upon us.

How will you respond? 

Will you live in your own cage of fear, locked in a hellhole of your mind? And if so, when do you think this might end? It is only when we look at our fears that true liberation occurs. Until then your current fear will be replaced with another.

Oh, my Dears don’t get me wrong. Fear is not the enemy. Fear may guide us to make appropriate decisions with reason and logic. It is living in a constant state of fear which erodes the soul, and enslaves you into a cycle of fighting for survival.

Fear makes you believe you are alone, and the “other” is your enemy. It divides relationships, family, society, and nations. It makes us feel justified to do unspeakable acts to others under the premise that it is to protect yourself, your group, your society, or your nation.

One of my teachers (Gypsy Cauldron) once posed this question to me. She asked :-

“Who is the most powerful person you can ever come across?”

 and she answered :-

“A man who has no fear”.

Of course, I am not asking for you to become aggressive or violent, but merely to look into your fears, and to start to break away from your knee jerk reactions. Allow your fears guide you to greater self-awareness. Let it open you, expand you, and most importantly to empower you.

Have you ever wondered how powerful you might be? Or do you still believe that you are subject to forces beyond your control?

The key ingredient to owning your power is to start breaking the constructs of your fear. How has society shaped your thinking, what about tradition. Are these constructs real, or just imagined?

Roots of fear:

Nearly every fear has its root in:-

  1. The fear of dying
  2. The fear of being sick and suffering
  3. The fear of being alone

And because of these 3 root fears (teachings of Serge Augier: Da Xuan), we enslave our existence to mediocrity. We lead pedestrian lives while trying to be happy. But deep inside, we are not happy, and our souls yearn to break free from the encasings of such a narrow existence.

So today, I encourage you to rattle the foundations of your instinctual nature, and to allow the light of consciousness to expand your limits. 

Be powerful as it is your nature and your birthright!

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