the health benefits of Qigong and Energy Work

The Health Benefits of Qigong and Energy Work

All things in our reality consist of energy and vibration. Once you learn to master and manage them, they can provide a world of health benefits and healing.

Energy and vibration manifests in many different ways. For instance sound and light are just 2 examples of energy manifest. 

We too are energy manifest. We are condensed energy experiencing life in our energy bodies. Quantum physics is also saying the same things.

We are atoms comprised to electron, protons and neutrons. And as we know through the slit experiment we all learned in physics, the basic building blocks of life are either particles or waves (energy) depending on the observer.

Even our emotions are energy.

So, if we are really interested in taking the reigns of our life and mastering our reality, we need to closely look at our energy.

This includes our health and wellbeing, but also self mastery, ascension, or enlightenment.

That is why I love qigong!

Qigong is the cultivation and mastery of our energy systems, how to cultivate it, and how to use our mind, breath and energy to heal sickness, to find unity and peace, and to transmute the mundane.

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