how Chinese medicine helps with menopause

How Chinese Medicine Helps with Menopause

In Chinese Medicine, menopause is a liberating phase of life when fertility ends and nourishing self-care escalates.

The founder Anissa was recently interviewed with SBS about this important topic of how Chinese Medicine helps menopause and why women should embrace it, not reject it.

This is a small excerpt of her story with SBS:

“There’s a term that’s used in my Chinese culture to describe menopause. It’s “the second spring”.

The first spring is when you start becoming fertile and menstruating. The second spring, menopause, is when menstruation stops and you’re liberated from your fertility journey. It marks a time when a woman can focus on nourishing herself.

The regenerative power of food is intrinsic to Chinese culture. So, to us, a big part of nourishing yourself during menopause has to do with food.

When I think back to my grandmother’s time in Hong Kong, it was considered ‘normal’ for women to use foods to help their body transition to their second spring.

Back then people’s diets were natural. Meals were made from scratch. There weren’t toxins or chemicals in the dishes. There wasn’t even decent refrigeration so meals had to be farm-to-plate. Animals didn’t have a lot of steroids or hormones. Chinese people also ate in accordance with the seasons. They lived in harmony with the cycles of life.

Today, life may be very different but the beliefs and traditions that underpin Chinese culture remain the same. It is important to recognise that Chinese culture has always been, and currently still is, deeply rooted in the practice of balancing the body through diet and lifestyle changes. It’s therefore common in Chinese culture for a woman’s ‘second spring’ to focus on the consumption of foods that nourish the body, that brings it back into balance with nature”.

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