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Low in Energy? Try These Natural Hacks to Boost Energy Levels

How to boost your energy levels the natural way – without drinking coffee.

Sure coffee provides a great energy boost throughout the day. And although studies shows a little coffee each day is good for you. Drinking excessive amount to keep your energy levels high throughout the day is not so good.

I was recently given the most amazing opportunity where I was interviewed by SBS on natural ways to boost your energy levels using the method of both natural remedies and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Here are a few quotes from my interview with SBS:

“For one person, add two-to-three inches of finely sliced ginger to five-to-six red dates,” says Au, owner of Pure Alchemy Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sydney. “Add rock sugar or honey – one heaped teaspoon – for sweetness.”

“This drink will provide you with instant energy. The body doesn’t have to do a lot to process it or absorb its ingredients. As soon as it hits the stomach, you will feel a bit warmer, and the mind and body will be stimulated.”

“The red dates provided her with a life force that made her young, beautiful and energetic again.”

“Ginger spreads qi throughout the body as it’s digested, while rock sugar or honey is a basic fuel for your cells.”

“Consuming this drink is a great way to nourish your body and create pure qi. The drink should energise you but also help you to feel calm. It’s a lot more nourishing for the body than popularised energy drinks.”

To read the full interview – click here to read now.

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