how the uterus is connected with emotions

The Bao Mai (Uterus Channel) and The Connection to Our Emotions

According to Chinese medicine, there is a direct connection between the heart and the uterus through a meridian called the “Bao Mai”.

The bao mai is translated to the “Uterus Vessel” and is very sensitive to emotional stress and anxiety. When we experience extremes of emotions, it may affect the heart and the receptivity of the uterus. 

The Simple Questions of the Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine states that when the Heart qi does not descend to the Uterus, it causes infertility and an absence of menstrual flow. All too often, women have their periods affected after going through some stressful event or an illness.

When we undergo extremes of different emotions, this has a direct effect on the way the qi and blood moves through our body. Anger and frustration makes qi rise, fear makes the qi sink, sadness consumes qi and so on

If these emotions are not processed properly they cause pathogenic problems. Qi and blood knots, and fails to flow smoothly. This may be seen as amenorrhea, infertility, fibroids, blood clots, and many other issues.

Regulating emotions plays an important role in menstrual health and fertility. Unfortunately in this day and age, we are continuously switched on, with little opportunities to relax and have self reflection. Often emotional issues are suppressed and swept under the rug. We become reliant on psychotic drugs, alcohol, and other mind numbing distractions to keep our emotions at bay.

Keeping emotions at bay is akin to mustering cats. It takes a lot of effort, and doesn’t always work. Resolving deep held emotions and reopening blocked meridians and channels is the aim of most wholistic systems. It takes time, willpower and perseverance. 

Acupuncture, breathwork and meditation are three modalities that work specifically for reopening locked up channels and deep held emotions. If you endeavour to go down this path, the rewards are boundless. However, be prepared to go deep down the rabbit hole of self enquiry.

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