Plant-bases sources of calcium

Plant-Based Calcium Rich Foods

Check out these plant-based sources of calcium and foods that inhibit them for an alternative vegan option.

Calcium is a mineral your body needs to build and maintain strong bones and to carry out many important functions.

The average adult’s weight is made up of about two per cent calcium. Most of this is found in the skeleton and teeth – the rest is stored in the tissues.

Chinese herbal medicine incorporates calcium and mineral rich substances such as oyster shells, fossilized bones and pearls as their effects are known for their cooling, relaxing, calming and moisturising abilities.

Known in the Western world to build healthy strong bones, calcium is most commonly associated with dairy products. 

What are some dietary steps then that you can take to increase plant based Calcium?

Foods high in calcium:

  1. Hijiki
  2. Wakame
  3. Kelp
  4. Kombucha
  5. Wheat grass and Barley grass
  6. Sardines
  7. Nori
  8. Almonds
  9. Parsley

There are certain foods which inhibit the intake of calcium. If you are trying to increase your body calcium, be sure the avoid the following foods:

  1. Coffee
  2. Refined sugar
  3. Alcohol
  4. Excessive meat consumption
  5. Excess salt
  6. Foods high in Solanum (tomato’s, potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers)
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