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A Tale of Old Friendships and Budding Beginnings!

This is a tale of amazing coincidences between old mates and how history repeats itself in serendipitous way.

Let me tell you a tale. As a young girl growing up in the suburbs I was left to roam to a certain degree to my own devices. Especially on the weekends when my parents would play tennis with a bunch of friends.

Not being exceptionally fond of tennis, I soon realised that one of my father’s close family friends, an elderly couple, Ted and Margaret Edwards, lived around the corner from the tennis courts where we played.

The Edwards were the quintessential “nice, friendly couple”.

I sneakily knew that if I visited the Edwards they would offer me a can of soda – a worthwhile distraction from watching my parents run around a tennis court.

I cackle now as I imagine the gentle tolerance of Ted and Margaret entertaining a 10 year-old girl frequenting their house every weekend, knowing that the end result was a can of soda. I can truly say I cared for them.

My father was a GP in the suburbs and had a close relationship to Ted, who was initially one of his patients. So close were they that Ted looked after our pets when we went on family holidays, and Ted’s daughter-in-law ended up working at my father’s surgery.

However, time has a way of changing things. Our family moved to a different part of Sydney and once I started high school my focus changed.

I did not think of Ted and Margaret for many years.

Then recently…

I had the opportunity to assist a lovely young couple through their journey to becoming parents. Something they had deeply longed for. For them it was not an easy journey and we were all overjoyed when Jodie got the positive pregnancy test. I saw Jodie throughout her pregnancy as she came to the clinic for acupuncture and herbs.

It was through a stroke of coincidence that Jodie and her mother were looking through the Pure Alchemy website once day when something caught her eye. Having an unusual name as I do, Jodie’s mother recalled that the Doctor in the surgery she had worked in all those years ago had a daughter with the exact same name.

The penny dropped for all of us! Our family were long lost friends. My father and Jodie’s grandfather were old buddies. My father treated Ted and Margaret Edwards as patients, and now I was treating Jodie with acupuncture and herbs. Although they have passed on, the legacy of family history had somehow passed into the next generations.

I smile as I look at Jodie now and see the amazing resemblance to her grandfather. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing family and in a way I feel like forces beyond the mundane have brought us together.

Contact my clinic today and let’s see how I can be part of your new family journey!

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